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I'm Marcelo de Melo, an artist and researcher based in Amsterdam

PhD Art Practice and Theory

My doctoral thesis explores the epistemic complexity of mosaic as an experimental system in contemporary fine art practice and criticism

Forthcoming Group Exhibition

1 - 31 October 2024

Shaping Glass | Shaping Futures

James Hockey Gallery

University for the Creative Arts

Farnham, UK

Luminous Impulses (2015)

Selected Work

Past Solo Exhibitions

11 May - 9 July 2023

Literal Cubism

Podium Mozaïek

Amsterdam, NL

Curated by Senad Alic

In Literal Cubism I present a retrospective series of enfolded paintings exploring constructive notions of the pictorial space, referencing early modernist movements such as Cubism and Constructivism as well as Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism. Through the modulation of hundreds of independent units of composition, I revisit the grid as an organisational mode highlighting the intrinsic connection between ancient mosaic principles and recent digital technologies. The exhibition showcases a particular way of structuring images conflating notions of pre- and post-digital aesthetic in a playful manner.

10 Dec 2022 - 29 Jan 2023

Material Modulation

Kunstcentrum de Kolk

Spaarndam, NL

Curated by Johanna van Steen

In Material Modulation I present a selection of works in which the concept of 'thinking through making' is fundamental. Without a concern to be trendy or fit into any particular debate, my pieces vary considerably in appearance, from minimalist to decorative and even grotesque, highlighting the importance of the Deleuzian Rhizome as a model for artistic experimentation. As an artist, I strive to break away from academically imposed values of art, threading a fine line between art, craft and design, exploring themes of identity and belonging, as well as constructive approaches to the pictorial space and notions of pre- and post-digital aesthetics.

9 - 31 July 2021


MLB Gallery

Amsterdam, NL

Curated by Marie-Louise Boel

In this exhibition I offer an overview of works produced in the last 20 years, highlighting my rhizomatic approach to making, where I juxtapose a personal narrative of autoimmunity with an informed, research-based, material practice. The works presented here belong to separate series produced prior, during and after my doctoral research. Overwhelmed by post-pandemic circumstances: event cancellations, financial hardship and reduced storage space, I embraced this last-minute opportunity to get the works on display, allowing new narratives to emerge and possibly new avenues to pursue out of the oddity of the recent pandemic.

Area of Expertise

My main area of expertise is mosaic practice and theory  

My research on the epistemic complexity of mosaic is unique in terms of re-establishing lost theoretical connections between an ancient additive methodology and current thought on artistic experimentation and multidisciplinary research. The analysis put forward by my doctoral thesis is relevant to current debates on digital aesthetics, design, sculptural practice and more importantly art education.

- Art Practice

- Artistic Research

- Art Historical Research

- Additive Synthesis of Colours

- Modulation & Digitality

- Sculpture Theory

- Assemblage & Mosaic Theory

- New Mosaic Materiality

Featured Artwork

Angelus Amstelodami (2023)