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I'm Marcelo de Melo, an artist and researcher based in Amsterdam

PhD Art Practice and Theory

My doctoral thesis explores the epistemic complexity of mosaic as an experimental system in contemporary fine art practice and criticism

Recent Work

Corpos Musivos Series

These are the latest pieces of a series of sculptures that I started in 2004, exploring mosaic techniques within contemporary sculpture.

The works featured here were exhibited together in 2021 at MLB Gallery in Amsterdam, part of my exhibition Overwhelmed.

Area of Expertise

My main area of expertise is mosaic practice and theory  

My research on the epistemic complexity of mosaic is unique in terms of re-establishing lost theoretical connections between an ancient additive methodology and current thought on artistic experimentation and multidisciplinary research. The analysis put forward by my doctoral thesis is relevant to current debates on digital aesthetics, design, sculptural practice and more importantly art education.

- Art Practice

- Artistic Research

- Art Historical Research

- Additive Synthesis of Colours

- Modulation & Digitality

- Sculpture Theory

- Assemblage & Mosaic Theory

- New Mosaic Materiality